The Use Of Meta Tags

1.pngSince a long time, Meta tags have been one of the most important aspects of managing your search engine optimisation (SEO). They have been serving as fundamental elements of on-site SEO. This clearly implies that they are must knows for every SEO practitioner. Almost every businessman into digital marketing is concerned about whether Meta tags are an important factor in Google page mark. Meta tags have been around since a really long time. They have been a great part in the search engine history. They had been valued as a factor in rankings earlier, until people started abusing their use in getting on the top of the search engine result pages. Post that, Google opted these Meta tags out of their factors in ranking a website. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not important anymore. Meta tags still continue to play a very important role in your website’s SEO.

In simple words, Meta tags are nothing but the words that are hidden in your code. The people visiting your website would not be able to see them. In several ways, it is a legal way of hiding words within your web pages especially for the search engines and the crawlers. The search engines still tend to read these codes for it to have a simple and summarized idea of what your website is about and what exactly your keywords are. These codes are usually formed while you are developing your website. They may not be visible to your viewers, but the search engines scan these codes in order to ascertain your format and keywords. Meta tags are located inside your html’s head area. For instance, <head> Meta tags are located here </head>. These words covered with the bracket are codes which can only be scanned by the search engine crawlers to make sure what various parts of your site stand for.

There are three important aspects of the Meta tags that you can use in your website:

  • Title – The title tag is the title text which is shown in the search engine listings. This is the title that you see when you search your query and you get the list of results. Though there have been arguments on it being exactly a Meta tag, but it definitely functions like one.
  • Description – This is the Meta tag where you put the description of your website. Here, you describe what your site contains and what it stands for in brief. For better results, try not to have too long a description for your site. The search engines only read up to a limited number of words and your site will be in a danger of not being effectively ranked if you keep a longer description tag.
  • Keywords – This is the most important tag in when it comes to the content of your website. Keywords are the clues that help the potential visitors locate your site and read your content. This is the tag where you can use all the keywords you have used in your site. Even if you take away all other words, your visitors should be able to know what your site is about on seeing your keywords.

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